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Dr. Bill has been developing products for the veterinary profession since 1982. Careful attention to the specific nutritional needs of the dog and cat during different life stages, periods of stress, levels of activity and certain medical conditions have determined which products are needed most and will produce the best results. Dr. Bill’s years of experience ensures that safety, efficacy and palatability are all built into every product.


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“My goal is to help you gain the healthiest pet possible allowing it to live a long and prosperous life.”

Dr. Bill Barnett, DVM


Nutrition is indeed the foundation of life. Minimal Nutrition, provided by the majority of pet foods, may sustain life while Optimum Nutrition actually enhances life, improves health and allows our pets to live longer. There is no magic fountain of youth. There are however, certain scientific principles that when followed throughout an animal’s life have proven to be capable of pushing back normal age related diseases thereby allowing an animal to live longer. In my nutritional topics section I explain it all in detail.


Health is a very broad term usually meaning the absence of disease. We have learned however, that many diseases are slow to progress and although our aging adult animals may appear healthy they are actually pre-ill. There are also multiple factors that affect a pet’s health and there are major threats that all pet owners should be aware of that can destroy a dog or cat’s chances of living a long and healthy life. My health topics section not only identifies the many threats but provides a solid plan for preventing them.

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